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Miami PRP Facelift for Facial Rejuvenation

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NEW PRP Facelift Procedure


What is a Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Treatment?

A Micro Facelift (better than a Vampire Facial), is a superior Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Treatment that is a combination of two steps:

1.) Micro Needling treatment area.
2.) Soaking the skin with growth factor enriched with Platelet Rich Plasma.

A Vampire Face Lift also uses Platelet Rich Plasma Injection as a Facial Treatment and is a combination of two steps:
1.) Injecting the skin with growth factor enriched with Platelet Rich Plasma.
2.) Injecting a filler into the skin.

Micro-Facelifts are more effective and heal quicker than Vampire Facelifts. These types of facelift are called a Vampire Facial because the PRP and growth factors are obtained from your own blood.

PRP Micro Facelift Benefits

Benefits of Micro Needling with Radio Frequency and PRP enhances the facelift procedure by needling with radio frequency technology. This facial procedure of micro needling is far less invasive and cause much less irritation than punch grafting, subcision, rolling needling devices, or micro pens. Micro needling with radio frequency amplifies the intensity of the micro needles to give optimal benefit with faster healing for your facial skin. Read more about the micro prp facelift procedure in more detail at Miami PRP Facelift

During microneedling procedure, tiny needles create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to stimulate collagen and elasticity making your skin look younger because it causes a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Micro needling with radio frequency reduces hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, acne scars, dark spots, sun damaged skin and stretch marks.

Treatments with the micro needling are extremely effective especially when combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

The use of PRP Injections for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction uses your own blood plasma, and for this reason this type of PRP Treatment for the face is called a "Blood Facial". Read more about Platelet Rich Plasma Injections.

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